Chief Sarah, Sarah Tyler Digital

Entrepreneurial Experience

As a Sole Propiertship: 4 YIB / 4 Profitable
As an LLC: 4 YIB / 4 Profitable


University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)
Santa Cruz, CA
School of Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
Pittsburgh, PA
School of Computer Science
Bachelors of Science (BS), Computer Science
Minors in English and Mathematical Sciences

Prior Work Experience

Fellowships & Honor Societies



Phone: (209) 789-5379
Skype: SKTyler

Social Media

Twitter: @sktyler
Linkedin: sktyler
Facebook: sktyler

About Me

My career started down a traditional path. After obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Carnagie Mellon University I spent a few years employed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory before returning back to school for my Doctors of Philosophy in Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I worked for tech giants Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

As happy as I was working for them, I couldn't shake this crazy self-employed dream I've had. For as long as I can remember, I have always been tinkering on side projects and daydreaming of starting my own company one day. In 2015 I decided to trade in security for uncertainty, flexibility for freedom and tendered me resignation.

As Chief Sarah at Sarah Tyler Digital I create digital content that generates revenue through ads or payments. That includes building interesting ad supported websites to fit niche audiances, or selling stock photograpy. I use my data science and mathematical modeling background to better understand 'the why' behind how users are interacting with the site and improve user engagement, and I used my software design skills I gained in big tech to make sure everything runs smoothly. For every line of code visible in your browser's source view, there are two more behind the scenes. In fact, most of the source code delivered to your browser wasn't written by me directly! Instead, it is the auto generated, compressed output from the support architecture I built. Yup, I write code that writes code, and in some cases code that writes code that writes code, all this while enjoying my 15 second commute via fuzzy bunny slippers.