Registered Since: 2011

Suggested offer: $135

About: When my husband and I first started having kids, Alexander Colon was one of the leading names we considered for our hypothetical son.


Registered Since: 2007

Suggested offer: $500

About: Blue Centauri was the first name of my consulting company. To build interest and credability in my company I created a series of webapps to showcase my abilities. I now host those webapps (as well as many others) on Datayze, my primarily data and math centric webapp site and consult under a different name. Other than to redirect the respective traffic to my current domains, I haven't used for years now.


Registered Since: 2007

Suggested offer: $500

About: Beloved mine was the name of the wedding website I set up with my husband. As you can image, it has some sentimental value to me still.


Registered Since: 2004

Suggested offer: $500

About: Once upon a time I dreamed of being a published sci fi/fantasy author. was my author portal I set up where I shared my stories with friends and family.


Registered Since: 2006

Suggested offer: $500

About: An alternate spelling of Because when I was a published author, I was going to be famous ;)


Registered Since: 2009

Suggested offer: $165

About: A domain to host my photography.


Registered Since: 2016

Suggested offer: $500

About: In the summer of 2016 I needed a new data-centric name for my growing webapp business. I registered four possible domains, before settling on the name for my new site. One of those names was Data Lemma.

In matehmatics a lemma is a helping theorem used to prove a larger result. In morphology, a lemma is a root form of a word. The name works for a math & writing based data company (the intention behind, but could also work for a blog detecated to uncovering interesting factoids using data, or an education website for teaching data science. Either website would be good brand building websites for me to create, if I could find the time for it.

What's going on here?

I make my living by building high quality, ad supported websites to fit nitch interests. Each site needs it's own brand, and part of that brand is coming up with a compelling domain name to host it. As characteristic of many entrepreneurs, I often have more ideas than I have time for. Rather than hold on to these domains (and continue to pay the registration fee) indefinitly I'm willing to part with some.

Why are you parting with these domains?

There are many reasons why I may consider giving up the domain. They include:

When I know I will likely never use a domain, I release it back to the registrar. The domains I'm listing here I either am currently using in some small capacity (like an old name that is being redirected to a new name) or still forsee some possibility of finding the time for. I may still be using or intending to use a domain name, but also willing to part with it if asked.

What if I'm interested in a domain you've registered that's not listed here?

Sorry. Any domain I've registered that's not listed here is one I'm not willing to part with it.

How does this work?

I want one of these domain names! What do I do?

Email me. Be sure to include which domain and how much your offering.

What is the suggested offer?

Exactly that: a suggestion. It represents a ballpark figure to give you an idea how much the domain is worth to me. It is just a ballpark guestimate! I will entertain less, but I may also decline the suggested offer.

If not the suggested offer price, how much should I offer?

You can offer anything you like.

Keep in mind domains listed here are ones I'm either currently using or ones I intend to use in the future. Each offer I recieve represents a choice: would I rather continue to pay that domain's registration ($15 per year) thus keeping alive that possibility that I will one day build the site I envisioned, or, would I rather accept the offer, forever giving up on that website idea.

A good rule of thumb is offer at least the the number of years I've registered the domain multiplied by $15. For example, if I've had the domain for five years I probably won't entertain an offer for anything less than $75 (5 x $15 = $75). Asking me to take a loss on a domain makes me feel like a chump for having registered it in the first place. In most cases, I'd rather pay an extra $15 to keep the possibility of someday building the website than feel like a chump. The more work I've put into a domain, or the more interested I am in the website idea, the more it's going to take to get me to part with it.

Will you counter?

Not unless asked. I'd much rather be offered a reasonable price I can accept, than spend time trying to negotation the highest price possible.

What happens if an offer is declined?

I'll respond to your email letting you know that the offer was declined. If you're still interested in the domain you have several options:

What happens when an offer price is accepted?

My prefered method is to list it on Namecheap's Marketplace for that amount and email you a direct link to the sale page. This is not an auction. That means first person to "buy it", get's it. If you delay, there's a theoretical chance that someone else may see the domain name first and may buy it before you do. If that happens, it's out of my hands.

You can suggest an alternate method of transfer if you prefer. I require a reputable broker.